You see, all this started as my journey in Android Dev. I was sorting after using my Android Dev skills to achieve personal goals. So I thought I needed to use a name that matches that, which should be different from my government names. Kinda like an alter ego.
Android had to be part of the name; that part was easy.
Now, to the next part: What do they call something that people desire and seek, but is challenging to find? GRAIL. What do they call a largely desired and sought-after dream? GRAIL. What is the name of an ultimate objective or reward? GRAIL. And that, everyone, is how my alter ego for this particular journey became @androidgrail!

I have learned, unlearned, and relearned where necessary. I have adapted what I needed to. And most importantly, I have grown. So it did take a while to get to this 2024 version, but that is the beauty of it isn't it? That as long as we are alive, we all get a chance to grow, and not just biologically, but entirely. After thinking about what I should include in my "About", I thought this would be good enough. Look around and find out what I have been working on.